Program Overview

The course is designed for those who want to learn more about the community while developing and refining leadership skills. 

Presenting Sponsor

Group Orientation

The orientation will be a short session for the participants to have a chance to meet and get acquainted. The goals and structure of the program will be explained.

Skills Training

Explore and refine your leadership skills through literature, facilitator lead class discussions and assignments, and small group problem solving activities.

Health & Human Services Leaders

Acquire a fresh understanding of health care, social services and the challenges faced by an aging population.

Heritage and Tourism

Experience first hand the sites that make living in Johnston County such a unique experience.

Team Building Retreat

A mandatory team building weekend will take place in September. This is a time for the class to connect as a group and explore the skills necessary to work in a team environment.

Education Leaders

See the public, private and community college educational systems from the inside.

Local Government Leaders

Take an inside look at county and municipal government as well as attend a roundtable discussion with elected officials

Non-Profit Leaders

Explore the non-profit network in Johnston County and the contributions it makes locally.

Public Safety Leaders

Look at issues facing the various law enforcement agencies, look inside the 911 system and investigate the courts systems.

Business & Industry Leaders

See an overview of the top income producers for the county, present and projected.